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Perhaps because of the nature of the ending of the fight that made me deduct a point. Somehow though, while quite good, this volume didn't really measure up to the standards of the previous volumes. I don't think the Mr. Dark story has ended, since he still has a few minions. But the part about the state of the former Empire and the various pretenders to the throne, was interesting. I have no idea who the goblins were or what the story is with them, never mind all the sleeping beauties, but this seems like a promising story arc.

So while not the greatest of volumes, even a "decent" Fables volume seems heads and shoulders above most of the typical comic crap out there. So count me in for Vol 17 to see where this is all going. Jan 05, colleen the convivial curmudgeon rated it liked it Shelves: comics , fractured-fairytale. North made, what it means for the future, and just various bits and bobs throughout the story.

Plus the super-hero thing was kind of fun and goofy - and it was even cool to see Ozma act like a kid for a minute and relish in flying.

On the other hand the conclusion to the much built-up battle between the F 3. On the other hand the conclusion to the much built-up battle between the Fables and Mister Dark was anti-climactic to say the least. Of course, I don't think that every thread of that particular story is over Mrs. Spratt, anyone? North which sets whole other things into motion While I would've liked more from the battle, I was satisfied, overall. View 1 comment.

Apr 22, Ottery StCatchpole rated it liked it.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I'd like to start by stating that I am a fan of Bill Willingham, I love his work on Fables, Robin back in the day and the occasional other comic that he's done like Thessaly and Shadowpact which I actually thought was pretty cool. That said, I'd like to add that I am a huge fan of Fables, couldn't wait for the possible t.

Fables, at its best, is a biting satire on our past fantasies, fairy tal I'd like to start by stating that I am a fan of Bill Willingham, I love his work on Fables, Robin back in the day and the occasional other comic that he's done like Thessaly and Shadowpact which I actually thought was pretty cool.

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Fables, at its best, is a biting satire on our past fantasies, fairy tales, politics, relationships between men and women and everyday life and magic. Lately however, Fables has been anything but its best. Mind you, I add a caveat to that, I'm speaking of the trades, which is how I read Fables now exclusively, though had this storyline been more powerful that would have changed.

Something has happened to Mr. Willingham's work since he introduced the major villain Mr. Dark, who has plagued our Fables for the past 3 volumes or so. He seems to have lost his writing edge a bit. Dealing with the character and the fall out of his last major story line I think has deprived or perhaps left Mr. Willingham a little lost in the direction of the books recently.

I've noticed a possible move in his writing style to write for trades in mind rather than as the story dictates. As this 16th volume of Fables begins we pick up with Buffkin in the offices of the Mayor's office in Fable town in a one issue story that sets up what is likely to be the next big conflict, some kind of revolution in Oz. I think, honestly, it was a bad idea to present it in this way, as a whole stand-alone issue at the start of the book, since nowhere else in the book is the matter handled settled or even mentioned again.

As I said, Mr. Willingham is setting up the next big conflict. All well and good, but why a whole issue at the beginning of the book that has absolutely nothing to do with the story at hand? Buffkins adventures have not really dealt with the Dark one but rather with being isolated in the business office with a powerful witch. It seems a pity to waste all that time on something that could have been sparced out over the length of the book as a subtle back story while diving us into the main conflict which quite honestly has been a long time in coming to a resolution.

Willingham did something similar a few trades back introducing the threat of Mr. Dark only to then whisk us away on a horrid, and possibly editorially mandated crossover with a lower selling title Jack of Fables. Why Jack ever got a book is beyond me, as he isn't and never has been a good fable is beyond me.

Snow and Bigby could have easily had their own book or even Prince Charming, even a book following Cinderella's exploits or Bigby's agents out in the mundy world would have been infinitely more interesting than the pap served to us as Jack's adventures. I speak for his early adventures as I bought the first half dozen issues or so of the book before I quit it, and the ones from the crossover which where quite honestly horrendous. The whole crossover book was horrendous and simply a stupidly cumbersome and unnecessary giant bump that through the main Fables book severely off track.

If you remember back to that book you'll remember Rose Red shacking up with Jack for countless useless issues and her being haunted about having an important destiny, that quite honestly in this book comes to naught. Which lends credence to the thought that perhaps Mr. Willingham does not plot out his stories but writes them first and sees where they take him. Its cool, I write that way and so do many successful writers. What happens however, is that nothing comes of it. Rose's big destiny was to move all the Fables from the farm to Haven.

That's pretty much it.

No great battle with Mr. Dark, no revelatory moment at the pinnacle of climax where she finds the answer or reveals the killing blow to a villain who has been established rather eloquently and well in other books as being a damn big menace. Simply, you did something cool, you saved lives oh and you may yet do something more important later on down the road, thanks. Willingham is the master of the big build-up, and for a lot of volumes of Fables he's paid off. Even here he sets up a fight between Bigby and his father that has been a long time coming over the fate of one of Bigby's children but again the way in which it is resolved is, quite honestly, a bit too deus ex machina.

The big fight we're promised and the fall out all seem great and even when it turns out that Bigby doesn't stand a chance against his father I'm still excited for it but then By then the plot has become predictable and we can see the resolution coming a mile away.

Biggest Difference Between Game and Comic (The Wolf Among Us vs Fables Comic)

For a villain of whom much is done, who went up against Frau Totenkinder and still managed to win, Mr. Dark receives a lame and rather stupid end, leaving in my opinion a lot of loose ends, and henchmen. Hopefully, Mr. Willingham will see to do something good with them down the road but for now we're left to wonder exactly how they're going to deal with the fall out and defeat of Mr.

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  6. All of that said, where the hell does the Super Team in the title come from? Well, Pinocchio has gotten it into his head that a team of Fables in the archetypes of certain comic book super team icons can take down and stand a better chance of defeating Mr.


    To say that that's the main storyline is true, but just as true is it to say that it fails at it miserably. One would expect a send up of popular comic book tropes, and characters and situations and likewise one would not be wrong to expect it to be deftly handled by someone who has written superhero comics as well as non-hero comics for years.

    However, if you're looking for biting satire or good parody about comics this is not the place to look. Nothing on the objectification of women, which isn't surprising coming from DC comics and their recent track record. Nothing about the quirky team dynamics or how disparate individuals gel into a team. Essentially nothing. Outside a little more of that we get nothing really. No big send up on superheroes or great satire on the comic industry nothing. Just another idea that Mr.

    Fables Tp Vol 16 Super Team

    Willingham just doesn't seem to bring to complete fruition. Its frustrating to see so many possible great scenarios and situations suddenly cut short because the writer seems to be losing interest, or perhaps they were not well thought out. I honestly believe that Mr. Willingham was simply tired of dealing with Mr. Dark, as tired as I was of reading about his impending destruction of the Fables. It just seems like he wished to go back to dealing with things other than the fall out of the Empire, as exampled in the last story which leads straight into the new Fables series Fairest.

    Despite all my disappointments with the plot, I would still recommend reading this book, it is better than anything else being written in comics, easily in the super-hero realm, but amongst the other books its still tops too. The dialogue is spot on, the fights and arguments, the little squabbles and machinations that Mr. Willingham has laid will hopefully bear better fruit than anything that has touched the Mr. Dark story lines. He has left enough little seedlings as to future troubles for our beloved Fables that one hopes he will pick one and follow it through.

    Perhaps smaller storylines dealing with individual Fables are more in order, as too much epic stuff, like too much candy, can get cloying. To say that Mark Buckingham's artwork is still the most beautiful and best suited to this book is an understatement. I love Eric Shanower and Terry Moore, both of them very competent and illustrious illustrators but Mr. Buckingham's pencils are the definitive Fables for me.