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Very few people have an accurate idea of what their losses and changes actually are until they sit down and start making lists. The healing process can be a springboard to a whole new way of relating to yourself, to other people, and to life. Your success will give you the skills and confidence to handle anything that comes up. Some of the steps will be easy for you, and some will be more difficult and require more attention. Stay flexible, and stay vigilant.

Tapestries Publishing, This book will enable you to put down your emotional baggage and move into new, healthy relationships — with yourself and others. Cause of divorce — my selfishness. Good article..

Feminist Perspectives on the Body (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

How to reconcile your own mistakes.. Mine came as a shock, and me and the children were given three hours notice that my wife was moving 4 hours away for good. My priority was simply survival; I had to keep the kids sane, my business running my wife worked for me , manage the household and deal with all kinds of requests from her lawyer — thousands of pages of documents I made only one request, at the tail end of the process, and felt held hostage by my wife during the process. It is simply the number 2 life crisis listed on a fairly short list of unpleasant life occurrences from a well-publicized study done years ago.

Agree, I have been searching anywhere for some type of help or just something to read for me. Me being a male that lost in the divorce. I struggle still after almost 4 years. Before that, I had everything I needed, that being family. I wish there was more for the male perspective. As a mechanical engineer, that sounds like my future: work until exhausted, go nuts talking to myself, do frivolous social events just to get out of the house, and work until I drop for fear of finances.

Talk to someone.

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Many men do not get an equitable deal and become financial slaves for years miserable legal system: motivates unwed motherhood and induces slavery for the men. I was divorced due to my ex wanting a open marriage. Due to her total selfishness we lost everything. I did nothing wrong.

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She was so evil to me because of her selfishness. This is all me! After 20 years… omg the lies. I even got taken advantage of in court. I worked hard.. Hi Steve. Who knows what the future holds for any of us, after all? Opportunities often arise when we least expect them — but we usually have to be looking for the good in order to find it….

Prayers and Thanksgivings

I feel the same way as you do Steve…. Ron — Thank you. I thought there was something wrong with me. Jennifer K. I keep asking myself how I could have been so blind? I was an easy mark for her and she used me to get what she wanted for herself — which left me very confused, even before she left for another to use him in the same way, taking our kids with her.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

I think I must have been the most confused guy on earth during that time. Even now, an old, familiar song can stir those memories and start the water works flowing — even as I write this. That is my wish for her. I saw a recent picture of her and I hardly recognized her. You know, spilling all of this could be a form of therapy for me, so thank you for the opportunity to express something so deeply personal. I need to blow my nose now. It has been two years since my divorce. This artical describes every hard to describe emotion, that myself and especially others do not seem to understand.

Loved it, And I will be getting this book for sure. Best wishes to everyone else out there trying to heal and deal!

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  • I remarried my ex-wife within a year of the divorce. It was too soon to really think about the cause and effect of the divorce. Two years after we were remarried I had anxiety attacks followed by depression.

    I sought out a therapist and began dealing with this new twist. I struggle daily with that choice. Divorce seeems to be a life scrambler for some and a gateway to bliss for others. I am at the tail end of a divorve. I called it quits when people began to email me photos of him with his girlfrield 10 years younger. He has had 2 emotional affairs and now 2 sexual affairs while we were married.

    I forgave him in the past, but I cant do it anymore. I took control, I filed, I got the attorney — he is now sorry, sad, etc. I offered to go to counseling with him, to figure out how we move forward we will have to deal with each other since we have 2 children together. He does not want the divorce, but wont give up his girlfrield. I know I made the right decision. But I am struggling with the sadness and anger. I have to control my emotions and think logically — its just so hard to do.

    The worst part for me is not having the person there to talk about how your day went at night. The loss of companionship, routeen, is difficult. Yes, I put myself into therapy immediatly, but it is still hard. I think the artlcle was spot on for me. So sorry for all you are going through. Seeing a therapist is a smart move. Work through the hurt and pain allowing yourself the time needed to be whole again. There is new life after divorce. This they did not need at all, since they had recently been made free and independent of Philip and the Macedonians by grace of the Romans. Greece was at once a stormy sea of hopes and fears, being corrupted by her demagogues with expectations of royal bounty.

    And we are told that a certain speech of his is extant, which he addressed to the Athenian people in Greek, declaring that he admired the virtues of the ancient Athenians, and was glad to behold a city so beautiful and grand as theirs. But this is not true. On the contrary, he dealt with Athenians through an interpreter.

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    He could have spoken to them directly, but he always clung to his native ways, and mocked at those who were lost in admiration of anything that was Greek. Cato said they might have shown him indulgence had he undertaken his task in consequence of a compulsory vote of the Amphictyonic Assembly. Moreover, he says the Athenians were astonished at the speed and pungency of his discourse.

    For what he himself set forth with brevity, the interpreter would repeat to them at great length and with many words; and on the whole he thought the words of the Greeks were born on their lips, but those of the Romans in their hearts.


    And the Romans did indeed despair utterly of forcing a direct passage. This, they thought, led down to the enemy's camp. This too they conducted to the marks and signs, struck into the path indicated by these, and started forward. But when they had gone on a little way, the path failed them, and a ravine yawned to receive them.

    Once more dejection and fear were rife. They did not know and could not see that they were right upon the enemy whom they sought. But presently gleams of daylight came, here and there a man thought he heard voices, and soon they actually saw a Greek outpost entrenched at the foot of the cliffs. These soldiers he had always found trusty and zealous in his service. Falling upon them unexpectedly, they threw them all into confusion and scattered them in flight; one of them they seized, arms and all, and delivered him over to Cato.

    Despising their small numbers and their carelessness, he led his troops against them at once, with bray of trumpet and battle-cry, being himself first to draw his sword. But when the enemy saw his men pouring down upon them from the cliffs, they fled to the main army, and filled them all with confusion.

    Antiochus, being hit in the mouth with a stone which knocked his teeth out, wheeled his horse about for very anguish.