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Ti ipermaho Sheet Music by Traditional

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Ti ipermaho (Τῇ ὑπερμάχῳ)

Byzan Tion. Loading Ti ypermacho - Duration: Andrew 37,.

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Christos Santikai ( Greece ) ~ Ti ipermaho Stratigo

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Lenten and Holy Week Resources

Convicted serial killers by country Afghanistan. The Resurrection Service of the Orthodox Church SEM In addition to an introduction similar to that found in the Christmas book, this volume is a most valuable document from the standpoint of its musical content. The entire "Anastasis" is presented with three versions of the Kanon "Anastaseos Imera. These are printed one under the other with the present version on top, the 12th Century next, and the 13th Century underneath. These last two are so similar that only the changes are printed in the 13th.

The hymns are harmonized according to 16th Century practice, the only idiom suitable for modal melodies. Three pages in length, SATB. For solo, duet, and chorus with independent organ part of moderate difficulty. A Christmas Vespers Five hymns from the Christmas Eve Vesper service, translated into English and set for four part choir and small orchestra.

Liturgical Sundries A collection of hymn settings for the Divine Liturgy in Greek and English which can be used as substitutes for the regular Sunday repertoire. A Carol in the Ancient Mode by M. Bichsel, arranged by A.

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Gallos In English and arranged for two parts. Snow in the Belltower by Speranza arranged by A. Apolitikion - I Yennisis Sou Hriste arranged in four part harmony and a cappella. Three arrangements, one in English. Kontakion - I Parthenos Simeron arranged for mixed voices in a three-voice texture and a cappella with a simplified arrangement. Meghalinarion - Meghalinon Psyche Mou arranged for soprano solo and organ.

Koinonikon - Litrosin arranged for mixed voices in two voice contrapuntal style also a cappella. Lamentation Music for Good Friday This new, fourth revised edition contains some verses in English of the first three stasis, with an addition of the Evlogitaria. It includes the Doxology and Asmatikon Trisaghion, along with the traditional thrice-sung Kyrie Eleison and other pertinent hymns and responses.

The style employed for the most part is in unison with a simple chordal accompaniment. It is in a simple harmonic style and easy to learn since the melody is the same in all six verses. However, the composer does not advocate singing it instead of the Enite, but incorporating it with the Communion Hymn if the Enite is short.

It is comprised of relevant phrases from the Prayer Behind the Ambo, which is read prior to the singing of the final hymn of the Divine Liturgy. George Gallos edited, paraphrased and translated the text. It is original music composed in the 2nd plagal mode, of medium difficulty. Is appropriate for concert use or for any occasion such as the aforementioned to be sung at the conclusion of the Liturgy. The Hymn of Kassiani In this new printing, there are two different arrangements of the beloved Hymn of Kassiani.

The new setting is in the Byzantine style written completely for solo voice male or female with the choir singing ison. The unique feature is that each of the solo sections, which are sung in Greek, is preceded by a canonarhima in English sung by the choir. The older arrangement has been edited and is written for soprano solo, mixed choir and organ.

Both works use phonetics. It is to be used at the discretion of the priest. The melody is sung by male and female voices accompanies by ison. Contains Greek text and English phonetics. Two pages in length, SATB and chant. A Selection of Byzantine Hymns of the Orthodox Church Byzantine hymns in Western notation the apolytikia, kontakia, megalinaria magnificats and koinonika communion hymns for the major feast and holy days organized according to the ecclesiastical calendar year.

The hymns were transnotated from Byzantine notation into Western notation by Savas J. The work provides phonetics for the Greek text and set English text to the same melodies on the facing pages. Also included are: five hymns of supplication to St. A total of hymns, mostly melody only, some with simple harmonizations.

The English translations were approved by Metropolitan Methodios of Boston. Andonea D. Pegasus Press Mr. Steven Karidoyanes, 91 Maple St. This enlarged edition includes all seasonal kontakia, all in English and many in Greek. The three and four-part harmonizations are easy but retain musical interest. Koinonika Several settings of the Sunday communion hymn plus complete feast day koinonika; all in Greek and English. Includes a copy of the Encomia texts in a format suitable for copying and distribution to the congregation.

Services for the Departed Contains choral settings of the Memorial and Trisagion services in Greek and English, as well as the complete funeral service in English. Also includes hymns for the Divine Liturgy sung on the Saturdays of Souls. Includes the Alleluia and Apolikition, the Exapostilarion and the celbrated troparion of Kassiani the Nun.

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  • The English setting of the Troparion of Kassiane is also repeated in an unharmonized version melody and ison only. The Wedding Service Contains Greek and English choral settings for the wedding service and a few choral selections for use before the ceremony. The above are large size, easily read, engraved scores. Adaptation of the original melodies to English texts produces a satisfying fit between music and text.

    Greek settings include Greek alphabet and phonetics. Indices of Greek titles are included for easy reference. All the above have been carefully corrected and revised during Kevin Lawrence Snyder Dr.